Email Problem Solved

April 7, 2008

I finally solved the junk mail problem by using a SMTP server other than my webhost’s. I feel good now.

Junk Folder!

March 3, 2008

So now it seems even Yahoo is filtering cookskills mail as junk. Sigh…

Hotmail ban has been lifted, since mails are now going through, albeit to the junk folder… Fack!

Why are my mails ending up in the junk folder? This has stumped me for a year…

Hotmail is banned!

February 18, 2008

I just checked my database and noticed someone trying to register to my site using a hotmail address and the account has not been activated yet. It’s safe to assume the confirmation email didn’t get delivered. This pissed me off, so I am banning all hotmail addresses. Yah, this might be a bad move for me and will probably reduce the number of sign ups, but what can I do? I can’t even deliver mails to Hotmail. I really hate Microsoft…

Launch Day

February 4, 2008

Ok, I decided to launch the site today even though I still haven’t figured out how to fix the Hotmail issue. Apparently emails are now ending up in the junk folder for Hotmail. Well atleast the mail gets delivered… that’s some progress. Maybe I should just ban Hotmail addresses altogether…

What is this blog?

February 2, 2008

This blog is about my website, a website about sharing recipes. What separates this website from other recipe site is the emphasis on the visuals. It doesn’t just list out the instructions on how to create the meal, it also include photos showing the step by step process. Heck to be honest, I don’t even care about the recipe itself, just show me some pictures of food. It’s all about the tasty food pictures!

Right now I have the site up and running and doing some testing at the moment. The major problem right now is not being able to send emails to hotmail users. Why!? I have reverse DNS, I have a SPF record and the domain is also in the Sender ID program.  Why can’t I still send emails to hotmail!? Damn you Microsoft!

 Oh well… I’m gonna go play some Burnout Paradise.